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Her Campus
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Milk Crate Zine
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Penny Magazine
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Groupie Mag
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A Grrl's Two Sound Cents

  “After her set, I remember my friend turning to me and saying, ‘I think music was literally created just now.’” –Her Campus, Julia DeFilippo 


“…she is determinedly carving out her own distinct path with each release and is already armed with a solid library of tracks that anyone could consider gospel.” –Penny Magazine, Erin Christie

“Powerful and earnest, the songs become a voice for people who feel too much, love too hard, and yet feels loneliness as an everyday mood. Using heavy chords on her guitars, the music mirrors the energy Iazzetta has in her voice, there’s a sense of urgency and chaos brewing beneath the entire 17 minutes of the EP” -GRRRL Music

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